Practice With Purpose

What you practice is what you become, so you must be careful with what you practice. Practicing swing flaws only perfects flaws - if you want a great swing, you must practice swinging great! See how the pros do it with The Practice With Purpose System.
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Turf That Teaches

The Drawing Board is a practice mat with a visual gate to swing through, so you naturally practice on the correct swing plane. Alignment, ball position and swing plane angles have been precisely calculated to be consistent throughout your practice.
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Why Vision?

Vision is key in the learning process. Using vision allows for cognitive, long term encoding of muscle memorization. How? Vision is one of your strongest senses and provides your brain, and the rest of your body, with a lot of valuable information.
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FREE DOWNLOAD - The Gate to Golf

It was J Edgar Douglas, mentor and coach to a young Bobby Jones in the 1920’s, who named it “The Movement” in his book The Gate to Golf. Enter your e-mail address to download this short book and a printable pdf, so you can try the concept behind the drawing board. Learn about the timeless movement and the underlying secret of success for all of golf’s greatest players!

Free Download - The Gate to Golf

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